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Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Historical Review consists of a dedicated staff of Virginia Tech History Department faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. The Board of Editors are selected annually for a one year term. Interested applicants are encouraged contact the managing editor for information on editor openings and our selection process.


Dr. Robert P. Stephens

Robert P. Stephens is an Associate Professor of History at Virginia Tech and Principal of the Honors Residential College. He is the author of Germans on Drugs: The Complications of Modernization in Hamburg (University of Michigan Press, 2007) as well as co-author of the NEH-funded Digital History Reader (www.dhr.history.vt.edu). He is currently working on a book on the history of drug addiction in film.

Managing Editor

Erica Aiken

Erica Aiken is a second year History M.A. student from Tazewell, Virginia. She graduated with a B.A. in Social Sciences from Bluefield State College in 2012. Her current research interests are childhood and play in Early America. Erica hopes to pursue a career in teaching after her time at Virginia Tech.

Tom Seabrook

Tom Seabrook is a first year graduate student pursuing a Master's in History. A native of Hopewell, New Jersey, he graduated from William & Mary in December 2011. Tom's research interests include Virginia history, especially up to and including the Civil War, and the ways in which people memorialize history. He worked at the Jamestown, VA historic sites this past year and hopes to move back into museum education upon completion of his MA.

Board of Editors

Andrea Ledesma

Andrea Ledesma is a senior from Mclean, Va. She is working toward a history degree with in american studies and political science. Her research interests include 21st century cultural history, public history, and digital humanities. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in museum exhibit development.

Ben Midas

Ben Midas is from Chesapeake, Virginia. He's a history major with a minor Russian Studies and Russian Language. Right now he is beginning research for his senior thesis on ethnic conflict in the Northern Caucasus in Russia. He's interested in examining how "ethnic" these conflicts really were and how dependent they were on factors other than differing ethnicity

Michael Higgins

Michael "Cory" Higgins is a senior majoring in History and Classical Studies, with two minors in Political Science, and Medieval and Early Modern Studies. He enjoys comparing ancient societies to contemporary ones and has interest in Roman history and culture and the Crusades. Cory is from from Blue Ridge, Virginia and enjoys reading, hiking, swimming, and watching old movies.

Nicholas Swedberg

Nick Swedberg is a fourth year undergraduate architecture student from Meredith, New Hampshire. Aside from studies in architecture, Nick is also pursuing a second degree in history. He has researched the War of 1812 and is also interested in the Classical World. Nick enjoys the study of both architecture and history, and believes that his study of the latter will help him address issues of constructing new architecture in historical contexts.

Rachel Goatley

Rachel Goatley is a senior History major and a member of Phi Alpha Theta, the History honors fraternity. She is from Blacksburg. After graduation she plans to go to graduate school to study archives and records management.

Rachel Snyder

Rachel Snyder is a Sophomore from Montpelier, Virginia. She is double majoring in Agriculture and Applied Economics and History. Her main research interests are European History, particularly British History. Rachel is excited to be on the board this year and hopes to offer constructive criticism to all those who submit their writing.

Seth White

Seth White was born and raised in the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia where he currently resides mostly for the summers. He is a history major here at Virginia Tech, and thoroughly enjoy all types of history, but specifically focuses on and research the Civil War era, and the slave period here in the United States. The Civil War and the Slave era are two extremely important time periods within our great nation’s history that must be explored and further researched. Seth has traveled all over the world, and although he does enjoy many other types of history, the Civil War stands out as his most favored topic of history to study. History is what makes the world, and he has taken it upon himself to research and share with others the great discoveries of research not only through his work, but to be informed by other historians as well.