Department of History

Hayward "Woody" Farrar Jr., Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Chicago, 1983)
414 Major Williams Hall , Blacksburg, VA 24061
(540) 231-5168

Areas of Specialization: African American History, World War II, Modern Military History, Sports History, Terrorism, Cold War ,U.S. History Survey.

Current Research: "The Hampton Estate, 1690 1890;" "African Americans in a New Age: Baltimore's Black Community, 1945 2000; " "Divided Loyalties: The French Battleships Jean Bart and Richelieu, 1940 1968.

Recent Publications:
•"Prying the Door Farther Open: A Memoir of Black Student Protest at the University of Maryland at College Park,   1966-1970," in Higher Education and the Civil Rights Movement: White Supremacy, Black  Southerners, and College Campuses,  edited by Peter Wallenstein, Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2008, 137–165 .

•"Black Politics in Baltimore 1945-2000," International Journal of Africana Studies   12 (Fall/Winter 2006): 224–236

•"The Black Soldier In Two World Wars," in Alton Hornsby ed. A Companion To African American History. (Blackwell Publishing. 2005). 349-363

•"The Nation of Islam as a Black Conservative Formation," in Black Conservatism, Peter Eisenstadt ed. (Garland Press, 1999) 109ˆ132;

•The Baltimore Afro-American 1892 1950 (Greenwood Press, 1998).