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HIST 4004 Higher Education in the U.S. South

HIST 5984 History of Virginia (Teaching American History)

Fall 2007

HIST 2004  Historical Methods

Spring 2007

HIST 5674  The Civil Rights Movement

Fall 2006

HIST 4004  History of American Higher Education

Looking for a Few Good Letters of Recommendation?: A Few Pointers on How NOT To Proceed



Undergraduate Research at a Research University: Multiple Meanings



"Brown v. Board of Education (1954) in the Stream of U.S. History: The View from Virginia, 1930s-1960s." Virginia Social Science Journal 39 (2004): 1-12.


"Cartograms and the Mapping of Virginia History, 1790-1990 ." Virginia Social Science Journal 28 (1993): 90-110.



On April 2, 2007, Virginia Tech’s Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching sponsored a reception for a new book — Cradle of America:  Four Centuries of Virginia History, which had arrived just before spring break — and the authors who, together, had made it possible.

The acknowledgments (at the back of the book) identify these people and speak of their roles.  Of the University Honors undergraduates who had taken part in the fall 2005 class that was so instrumental in producing the book, three had graduated and were no longer in the area:  Kathryn Hoffman, Jennifer Jessie, and Michael Makara.  But the other six were in attendance, and they appear in photos taken by Jean Elliott on that splendid afternoon:  Letisha Beachy, Graham Burkholder, Anna DeSouza, Bridget Devlin, Marc Thomas, and Victoria Wilson.  Other people who had contributed important passages — and were in attendance — were public historian Ellen Apperson Brown, filmmaker Jim Crawford, and retired professor Jim Glanville.  Additional contributing students, from another of my classes in fall 2005, included John Cassara, Megan Peters, and Adam Proctor.

We enjoyed a gorgeous cake, decorated with an image of the book’s cover.  Jerry Niles, dean of the College, joined us, as did a number of other people, among them Honors director Jack Dudley, to whom was presented a signed copy of the book— signed by the lead author plus the student authors in attendance.  Five photos commemorate the celebration:


Gallery of student authors

Young authors ham it up seeing their names in print

The cake

Twin images — the book’s cover and the cake’s icing

Book getting signed for Honors director Jack Dudley