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                   Virginia Tech
                   Virginia Tech, Department of History
                   Linda Arnold, Professor of History, Virginia Tech


                   Martinsburg Gazette

                           January-June 1845  (MG1845aJanJune.htm)
                           July-December 1845  (MG1845bJulyDecember.htm)
                           Janury-June 1846  (MG1846cJanJune.htm)
                           July-December 1846  (MG1846dJulyDec.htm)
                           January-June 1847  (MG1847eJanJune.htm)
                           July-December 1847  (MG1847fJulyDec.htm)
                           January-June 1848  (MG1848gJanJune.htm)
                           July-December 1848  (MG1848hJulyDec.htm)

                   Niles' National Register

                           1844-April 1846  (Nilesa18441846.htm)
                           May-July 1846  (Nilesb1846MayJuly.htm)
                           August-October 1846  (Nilesc1846AugOct.htm)
                           November-December 1846  (Nilesd1846NovDec.htm)
                           January-February 1847  (Nilese1847JanFeb.htm)
                           March-April 1847  (Nilesf1847MarApr.htm)
                           May-June 1847   (Nilesg1847MayJun.htm)
                           July-August 1847  (Nilesh1847JulAug.htm)
                           September-October 1847  (Nilesi1847SepOct.htm)
                           November-December 1847  (Nilesj1847NovDec.htm)
                           January-December 1848  (Nilesk1848.htm)

                   Richmond Enquirer

                           January-June 1845  (RE1845aJanJune.htm)
                           July December 1845  (RE1845bJulyDec.htm)
                           Januray-June 1846  (RE1846cJanJune.htm)
                           July-December 1846  (RE1846dJulyDec.htm)
                           January-June 1847  (RE1847eJanJune.htm)
                           July-December 1847  (RE1847fJulyDec.htm)
                           January-June 1848  (RE1848gJanJune.htm)
                           July-December 1848  (RE1848hJulyDec.htm)

                   Richmond Whig and Advertiser

                           January-June 1845  (RW1845aJanJune.htm)
                           July-December 1845  (RW1845bJulyDec.htm)
                           January-June 1846  (RW1846cJanJune.htm)
                           July-December 1846  (RW1846dJulyDec.htm)
                           January-June 1847  (RW1847eJanJune.htm)
                           July-December 1847  (RW1847fJulyDec.htm)
                           January-June 1848  (RW1848gJanJune.htm)
                           July-December 1848  (RW1848hJulyDec.htm)

                   Times (London)

                           January-December   (Times1845.htm)
                           January-July 1846  (Times1846JanJuly.htm)
                           August-December 1846  (Times1846AugDec.htm)
                           January-July 1847  (Times1847JanJuly.htm)
                           August-December 1847  (Times1847AugDec.htm)
                           January-December 1848  (Times1848.htm)

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                   U.S. Army Center

                   The Naval War

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                   Lt. Emory's Journal

                   Foreign Policy

                   Presidential speeches

                   Lirary of Congress, American Memory Project, The Globe   (Congressional Debates and Documents)

                   Descendants of Mexican War Veterans, Documents

                   Historical Text Archive

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