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Professor Hirsh performs research on the deregulation and restructuring of the American electric utility system.

He was the director of Virginia Tech's Consortium on Energy Restructuring (now inactive). He also teaches courses in the interdisciplinary Science and Technology Studies program.

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Dr. Hirsh teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in history of technology and general history. Here are links to pages describing those courses.

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A selection of Dr. Hirsh's publications and presentations can be found at this page.

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Beyond Batteries

Discussion of benefits and barriers to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, by Benjamin Sovacool and Richard Hirsh, in Energy Policy 37 (Mar. 2009): 1095-1103.
Beyond Batteries

Why don't some people like wind turbines?

"Wind Turbines and Invisible Technology: Unarticulated Reasons for Local Opposition to Wind Energy," by Richard Hirsh and Benjamin Sovacool,  in Technology and Culture 54 (Oct. 2013): 705-34. Power Loss

Cover of Power Loss:  The Origins of Deregulation and Restructuring in the American Electric Utility System (December 1999), available through MIT Press, Amazon. com,, and other booksellers.  Also available in paperback.

Power Loss book